Franchise Services

We at XBS are dedicated towards Client satisfaction. We have always believed that ‘Building Trust’ is ‘Building Bridges’. Our Vision of becoming one of India’s largest Business Process Management Company is the key to determination for success. Enable Customers to Enter a Better Life. With our precise and concrete efforts towards empowerment of our Customers, our team is focused on achieving what others only think. The combination of a hard working team and intellectuals our Mission is to achieve our Vision. We enable our clients to Outperform with our passion for service and innovation — our mission and the foundation to every partnership we commit to. The power to enable you, as our client, to outperform stems from our key differentiators in domain expertise, cutting-edge technology and analytics, and a client-centric partnership approach that allows us to understand your business inside-out.

The “Franchise Business Model”

A franchise enables you, the investor or franchisee, to operate a business. We at XBS offer a complete revolutionary concept to build your business which enables us to build our business. This was this Win-Win Program allows both parties to generate revenue within a short span of time by sharing responsibilities and goals thereby creating a new market base for ourselves. Our Business Model allows anyone and everyone to join the program and be a part of the system which creates mammoth opportunities for all. Our focus is to develop partner units at multiple locations across the country whereby helping each other to join hands and create a new world of “Conglomerate of Business”.

This model is unique in its own ways, just to name a few

• We share our Business Plan ‘end to end’, which means we are transparent and dedicated towards the growth of our business associate/partner. – Because we understand your requirements and we wish to support you at all levels.

• We train you and your staff as responsibility, however we keep “Mentoring” you throughout the contract duration to help you and your staff upgrade with time and the changes which occur every now and then in this competitive market scenario.

• We do collective research and market analysis keeping in mind not just our core benefits but the benefits of all our vendor partners, our business allies and especially our Franchisees.

• While we step up your office to meet the policy expectations we ensure we also meet your expectations and most importantly the ‘Customer’s Expectations’. We use the best and the state of the art technology and resources to empower our Franchisees with the best in class support and equipment.

• We follow the “No Flaw Policy”. Even while we are working together and making things happen at times there are operational and situational flaws which start hampering the business gradually. We shall stand by your side to extend the best possible support to mitigate such issues and make our work places “Flaw Free”.

• XBS has always believed that not just sharing business revenue can improve business relationships; at times you have to walk an extra mile to ensure your Franchise Partner walks double the distance. Therefore, we have designed a unique ‘Incentive Plan’ which we revise every quarter to provide as much as Incentives we can to our Franchisee. This is not just for motivation to do more businesses but it also helps improve the working conditions at the work place.

• We offer guidance, support on all technological related issues to help promote ‘Digital Understanding’ of our partners. In this rapidly changing world we need to constantly upgrade ourselves with latest trends and incorporate the latest technology at a very random pace before the world moves ahead.

If this seems interesting to you feel free to contact us or leave us a message with your details and our Business Associate shall get in touch with you as early as possible.